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Download Eye Exercise To Improve Eyesight, Eye Workout

An Eye care app along with Sponsored Pedometer

Eye Tests to improve overall body and eye health and vision.

This App is an Eye Health Booster which teaches below eye exercises and provides eye tests.

8 Eye Exercises includes :

* Eye palming
* Blink & Breath
* Eye rotation exercise
* Flower effect on Eye
* Leaf walk effect
* Star in sky
* Counting Concentration
* Converge and Divergence

Eye Tests Includes following eye testing :-

* Astigmatism Test
* Colour Blindness Test using 38 ISHIHARA Plates.

With Blue light filter, you can remove harmful rays of your mobile device.

With Pedometer, track your daily steps and get statistics details.
Set Goal to 10000 steps(default), keeping you motivated for taking walk regularly.

Achievement and Leadership board are added which works with google signIn.

Achieivement levels are :
1. 10000 steps
2. 15000 steps
3, 20000 steps
4. 25000 steps
5. 30000 steps.

For Running, marathan achievements are configured.

* Fun with Illusion to teach correct observation.

Miscellaneous :

* Beside this, A Diet Vitamin chart and Homeopathy guidance is provided for maintaining good eye health.

* Article For Love, Trust and Gratitude effect on Eye health.

Disclaimer Note : The advice given is not a professional advice. Consult a expert before acting on the activities given. The developer is not responsible for any loss or injury.

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