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Download CircleIt Generational Platform create and send digital cards, memories, flowers and gifts

100% free, private and secure – our first-of-its-kind generational platform allows you to create and send digital cards, memories, flowers and gifts to be delivered at any future date – even long after you’re gone.

• Send your 3-year-old a card today for their 16th birthday.
• Record a story for your granddaughter so they can remember your voice.
• Send flowers today to your new bride on your 10th anniversary.

1. Create a custom card for any holiday or occasion. Or, just because.
2. Attach a memory they'll cherish forever - voice recording, photo or video.
3. Add a physical flower bouquet or gift to be delivered alongside your card.
4. Pick ANY future date & time to send your card.
5. Your card and attached memory will be preserved on CircleIt for years to come.

• Share and store memories, stories, wisdom and family values for future generations.
• Never miss birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or countless other milestones.
• Send custom digital cards for any of life's milestones – years, or even decades, in advance.
• Order the delivery of physical flowers and gifts to ANY future date.
• Preserve your childhood stories, family traditions and candid photos.
• Develop deeper bonds with the people that matter most – no matter the distance.
• Send a special reminder of your love – even after you’re gone with our patented SmartCard® technology.
• We’re not social media, we’re built to keep you close with your inner circle of family and friends.
• Free, private and secure – and we’ll never sell your data or allow ads.

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