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Teacher's Day Photo Frame App|| 5 September Teachers Day

Teacher's Day Photo Frame App|| 5 September Teachers Day

Happy Teacher's Day Photo Frames. Celebrate Teacher’s Day with these beautiful photo frames. Upload your photo and choose the frame. Share or download a customised Teacher’s Day photo frame to the phone gallery.

Create and send Happy Teacher's Day messages to your friends and family on the occasion of Indian independence day every year.


★ Teacher's Day photo frames
★ Put photo on Teacher's Day Wishes

★ Share to social media apps
★ Upload photo from gallery
★ Click photo from camera
★ Adust, zoom in and zoom out photo in frame
★ Download to gallery

શાળા સમય બાબતે રજુઆતનો વિડિઓ. click here.

ધો-1થી 5ના વર્ગો શરૂ કરવાની વિચારણા
સ્કૂલ-કોલેજોમાં વેક્સિનેશન કેમ્પ યોજાશે

Advanced Settings
  • Interface customization and themes
  • Select the folder for the downloaded files
  • Various automatic actions after finishing
  • Save different file types in different folders
  • Create a blank file to speed up the download
  • Autostop process if battery charge level is low
  • Import list of links from text file to SD-card
  • Autorescence after errors and disconnection
  • Planning to start the download at the right time
  • Turbo mode to speed up downloads
  • Get the file size and beautiful name
  • Backup list of downloads and settings
  • Profiles for each type of connection
  • Automatic operation on schedule
  • Support fast auto download.

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