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Primary School Exam Related Latest Latter

Primary School Exam Related Latest Latter

All India National Federation of Educational Affiliates R Primary Education Federation – Gujarat s M (Government Only Education Department No. – Perch / 19013 / d. Mahisagar Mo. 3120 -: Chairman: – Union Minister: Shri Bhikhabhai R. Patel Shri Arunabhai D. Joshi 1 – B, Sai Kahe, Patan Ana Gorvesh Society, Balasinor Mo

will be present. Mo. ૮ Rapper En! Find Wankanta in Hin Ki 198 J, Ne, 2 Senior Vice President K Prati Shri Khetshimai K. Carrot Mo. 5200 Secretary Shri, # Vice President! Shri Sardar Singh J. Machhar Mo. 30) Primary Education Department, – General Secretary: Shri Ratubhai M. Round Po. Vadgam, Dist. Banaskantha Mo.3 Har – 24 / OR 31 Date: Kari Kishomai Ki, Parmar Mo.82 Gujarat State, Gandhinagar, Shri Babubhai R. Desai Mo.31 Subject: – The syllabus of the first semester examination of the year 2061-6 has been reduced from the first semester to Vishnubhai K. Patel Mo. Question about conducting test …..

Regards * Hello * Women Vice President? Premati Pallaviben S, Patel) Mo. 202 Co-Organization Minister: Shri Revakhai R. Patel Mo. 321: Minister of Publicity; Kou Rakeshkumar H. Thackeray Mo. 640: Minister? To Sharadbhai m. Pandya Mo. 318 Shri Rajendrasinh G. Solanki Mo. 327R18 Compliments on the above subject to state that after a long period of Koro epidemic, the direct education work of children of Std

There is not enough justice for children in online education or any other medium. Therefore the curriculum-based study conclusions are found for the purpose of achievement. The Gyansetu course was taught under the bridge course for one month from the beginning of the session. So a regular course during this period which could not be taught in that standard.

Now due to the limit of calling only 20% children, the working time is also reduced. There is less time to teach subjects like math, science and English. In addition, Std-9 and Std-8 social science books were received late, so the social science course could not be completed well. Along with this, the textbook of Std. 8 Gujarati was also found late after the printing of the new edition due to change of syllabus.

So that the syllabus of the first semester examination of the year 2021-2 should be reduced and the first semester examination should be taken which is a humble request in the interest of our children that full justice can be given to the children. The Sahadevsinh g. Zala Mo. Shri. Ankurbhai K. Desai Mo. 203 3 women ministers; Smt. Patal Mo. Rate 3: Internal Auditor? Shri Dineshbhai L. Choughari | Mo. 206. Adhyaka Mahamantri Primary Education Federation, Gujarat

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