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Photo Video Lock App with Calculator

Friends, today in this post I will give you details about the Calculator sevault application for all of you, with the help of which you can hide your image in the video count, and no one will know that you have a hidden file in the calculator.

Hide Photo Video Lock App with Calculator
Name this app Calculator Photo Vault. There is a 5M+ download for this app in the play store. Measuring 4.6. If you want to use this app you can watch the video below if you want to download this app. Click on the link provided below.

Follow These Steps:

Step 1. First, you have to open the program, allow all permissions, and then the calculator will open, here you can count, but to hide files, you have to set a password here, after setting the password, just as soon as you enter the password in the calculator. When you enter, the room will open.

Step 2. Here you will find the option to hide the video file, click on the folder of any file you want to hide, here you will find the + icon below, click on it, here you will find 3 options, and hide the photos from the gallery If you want to click Import photos, then The gallery will open on your mobile, from here you must select images and click on the download below, then this application will ask you to add an email account, then any email account has an add-on here.

Step 3. To display the file, long press on the file, then you will get the export option below, if you want to click on it, then the file will return to gallery.

Important details are read
Friends, if you want to delete this application, you must first display all hidden files, only after this you must delete the application, otherwise all your hidden files will be permanently deleted, you should take care of this.

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