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Nursery app, LKG app and UKG app Kids Learning Application||Education News

Nursery app, LKG app and UKG app Kids Learning Application||Education News


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Kids Learning – Nursery PP1, PP2 (Pre Primary)

Nursery app, LKG app and UKG app these three apps are included in one single app. It is Kids Play nursery, PP1, PP2, pre primary, LKG, UKG. Kids play Nursery app is designed for playgroup, kindergarten, LKG and UKG kids.

Preschool educational learning app for kids and best kindergarten all in one app. Helpful for early learners. Our App helps to learn in easy way.

Every child deserves early learning through our PP1, PP2 (Pre Primary) app

Our app includes Learn alphabet, Learn numbers, Learn shapes, Learn colours, Practice worksheets, Learn phonics, Learn numbers spellings, Learn Rhymes, Learn stories etc...

Best recommended app for early learning kids.

Our app works completely offline and online.

Through our app kids learn in colourful and fun way

Full version and no in-app purchase

Subject features of the App;


Pre Writing skills: Standing Line, Sleeping Line, Left slanting Line....
Alphabet and Phonics: ABC... and Phonics like A for Apple, B for Ball....
Articles: A, An, The
Action words: Clapping, Climbing....
Opposites: Front, Back, Balance, Fall....
Vowels & Consonants
Sight Words
Rhyming Words
Tracing: A to Z tracing
Worksheets: Alphabet shadow match, Match small alphabet with capital alphabet, Alphabet match with objects, complete the pattern, and Touch the given alphabet.


Pre Math concepts: Big – Small, Tall – Short, Full – Empty...
Numbers: Learn Numbers and Numbers spellings, (Learn 1 to 100 Numbers)
Shapes: Circle, Rectangle, Square...
Addition- Subtraction: Addition, Subtraction, Less than, Greater than or equals to
Worksheets: Addition, subtraction, less than, greater than or equal, count the given objects, shapes shadow match, complete the pattern, numbers shadow match, touch the given number.

General Awareness:

Myself: my name is, my favourite fruit
Seasons: Winter season, spring season, summer season
Transport: Air Transport, Road Transport, Water Transport
Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green...
Good Manners: Cover your mouth while coughing / Sneezing...
Good Habits: Have bath regularly, comb your hair daily...
Worksheets: We are working on General Awareness worksheets very soon we update app

General Science:

Animals: Birds, Farm animals, pet animals, wild animals, sea animals, insects
Living & Non Living things: Boy, Tiger, Butterfly, car, house, toy,....
Vegetables: Beetroot, Bitter Gourd, Eggplant,...
Fruits: Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry,...
Five sense organs
Human body parts; internal and external
Expressions; face expressions
Worksheets: Touch fruit, touch vegetable, tap the living and non living things, touch animal

Rhymes and Stories:

Rhymes: Baa Baa Black sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, ABCD..., Finger Family, Jack & Jill.

Stories: Hare and the Tortoise, Thirsty Crow, Elephant & Friends, Lion & Mouse, Ant & Grasshopper.


Animals Coloring
Vegetables Coloring
Vehicles Coloring
Fruits Coloring

Features :

A colourful early learning educational app
No in app purchase
All content explained with pictures
Included 3 classes’ syllabus
Alphabet and Numbers tracing
Rhymes and Stories
Identify and learn pictures with audio
Easy navigation
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Kids Play nursery, PP1, PP2, pre primary, LKG, UKG is Designed by CRAWLING BABIES.

CRAWLING BABIES is trying to present best and useful content for kid’s education. Thank you for downloading and using our app. Send your valuable feedback to improve our app more.

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