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અલંકાર ભાગ ૩ – GIET દ્વારા જાહેર કરાયેલ વિડીયો

Learn to speak English, a world-class language that is essential to learn as it is important for personal work and offices. It’s a little hard to imagine a better education, a better job, a better personality, etc. without knowledge of English. As life burns, but in order to improve life, it is necessary to learn English.

The prevalence of English has increased a lot in the modern world, due to which the help of the machine, that is, the computer, is used for every job, in which English is more important. It is very important to learn to speak English or to have a knowledge of English to improve your personality and your working style tremendously.

Can I learn to speak English without attending classes? Yes, learning to speak English can be made easier by practicing and adopting a few tips that can help you master English. Learning English is very easy, if there is a strong desire to learn, a purpose and the courage to work hard.

With the help of practice, speaking fluent English can be learned in a matter of months provided the tips and tricks given below are followed.


There are three prerequisites for learning English, if you do it sincerely I think you will prove to be a great master of English in the future.

be the first to learn
make constant efforts to implement this resolution
Keep trying until you reach your goal
I am sure how to learn to speak English is now completely ready to go through the three conditions of acceptance.

How to actually learn to speak English. tips for speaking english in hindi
Ignore grammar
focus on listening to english
try to pronounce short sentences to learn English
Avoid translating sentences
make sure the time
think in english
watch movies with English subtitles
Memorize greeting phrases and phrases
read a newspaper or story in English
practice in front of the mirror
How to actually learn to speak English. tips for speaking english in hindi
how to learn to speak english
Learning to speak English is an art and this art is in every human being, the meaning of learning may be different but the purpose is only to learn. There are four main pillars of learning English which are very important to follow. These are the pillars without which learning English cannot be imagined, so this is a must for any English lover to follow.

Listening ability
comprehension skills
oral proficiency
writing skills
Listening, comprehension, speaking and writing skills play an important role in making a good listener, good comprehension, speaker and writer, i.e. listening attentively, understanding, then try to speak and finally write.

It is a process in which you can never fail. The more you try, the easier the goal becomes. So be confident in your efforts and follow the tips.

Ignore grammar
Do not pay special attention to grammar, as grammar provides rules for correcting mistakes when writing sentences but not when speaking. If you organize the sentences according to grammar before speaking, you will spend more time on them so that you cannot speak to the other person.

The people opposite keep talking continuously without stressing grammar, their purpose is only to convey their point of view, not knowledge of grammar. So don’t be afraid of inaccuracies, try to talk continuously, errors will continue to decrease over time.

Grammar teaches reading and writing but does not speak
takes longer to form sentences
It takes time to correct the sentence, which reduces the speed of speaking in English.
So while speaking English, focus on practice, not grammar.
focus on listening to english
Listening is very important for speaking the English language because by listening the words are easily memorized, so that you do not have difficulty pronouncing the words. It is a process in which the brain continues to work so that it can remember the word heard again.

Do not try to speak or remember the word while listening, doing this, nor the word will be remembered or understood, so just focus on listening.

Continue the listening process until you understand which words where, when, grammar, and speaking position.

This process will remind you while speaking what the pronunciation position is, how or what to do, etc.

The first step in learning is to listen carefully.
listen patiently
try to remember it later
Such a process will improve your personality and increase your English skills.
try to pronounce short sentences to learn English
First try to speak English with short sentences, use short and simple sentences to answer. After you tighten the grip on short sentences, it will automatically start making sentences big and small, so at first, keep in mind that only use short sentences.

Using predominantly short sentences increases confidence, which does not cause panic when speaking English. As confidence increases, the hold on sentences becomes stronger and

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