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EDUCATION News Upadet 20-09-2021

EDUCATION News Upadet 20-09-2021

Hunt those battery draining apps with App Sucker
Always know the status of your battery and time remaining with the optional status bar notification
Overlay the stock battery icon with the icon pack add-on.

Take a closer look at how an app uses your battery – including Wakelock details
Sort your app suckers by things like CPU and sensor usage, app waclocks, wak time and kernel waclocks.
Set a custom time reference to view statistics over a specific period of

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See Estimated time based on current and historical usage

See Historical Historical Average – How long does your battery normally last?
Add a widget to your home screen that shows battery status and time remaining
Include all kinds of great battery info in your dashclock widget using the included dashclock extension

Set customizable alarms for different charge states, temperature and battery health

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