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Download DiskDigger photo recovery

DiskDigger App is a Photo Recovery App, you can recover any deleted photo from your phone with this app, also that is free and very easy.

In this post you will learn more about the DiskDigger App, what the DiskDigger App is and how to use it and where to download it and what you can get with the help of the DiskDigger App for Free you will know

DiskDigger App is an Image Recovery App, with this you can retrieve any deleted image from your mobile phone and it is a very popular App, you can easily download it from Playstore and ApkPure.Com, I will give you the download link below and Its Playstore Ratings is 4.0 and this app downloaded over 100Milion on Playstore and this app will run on any mobile version over 4.0.

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You do not need to root your phone to use the DiskDigger App, but once you finish your phone, then you can use Full Scan Feature in this app and by using Full Scan you can recover all your deleted photos. But you do not do the Origin, only then you can restore the image in some way by using Basic Scan.

You can also recover video with DiskDigger, but in the video you need to root your phone, without root, you can only recover the image and if you buy DiskDigger Pro, you will have to restore all file types. find feature for

How to use the DiskDigger App

It’s very easy to use the DiskDigger App, so I’ll teach you step by step how to use it.

STEP-1 First you have to download the DiskDigger App, then I gave you the download button below, you can download anything you want to download, install it after download.

After STEP-2 is installed, you should open this app, as soon as you open it, you will get two options, first Basic Basic and Full Scan scan, then I told you above that with Full Scan, you should have your mobile , only when you can do a Full Scan. If you are able to use Scan, then you should now click on Basic Scan.
If you click on STEP-3 Basic Scan, then many images will start uploading in front of you, now you have to select any image you want and you will find the RECOVER option below, click on it.

By clicking on the STEP-4 RECOVER option, a box will open in front of you, you will find three options, where you will be asked where to find this image, you must do it in Google Driver or Dropbox or email this image to someone By choosing which one your mobile file to save, you will be asked and in the third option you can also upload this image to the FTP server, and select the second option here.

DiskDigger App Start Basic Photo Scan

STEP-5 By clicking the second option, you must select the location where your mobile file to retrieve the image, and then after selecting your image will come to the same file and you will be able to see it from the gallery.

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