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The State of Gujarat is situated on the western coast of the Indian Peninsula and shares borders with several other States including the Sindh Province of Pakistan. The Gujaratis are basically an Indo – Aryan ethnolinguistic community. The majority of the crowd speak Gujarati (Indo – Aryan language) making it the official language of the State. Gujarat comprises prominent industrialists and entrepreneurs and numerous Indian Independence activists. Gujarat has a significant history of political leaders who have made a lot of impact on Indian Political History.

On 1st May 1960, the State of Gujarat was formed out of 17 northern districts of the former State of Mumbai (then Bombay). The State Government of Gujarat is the supreme governing body of the 33 districts in Gujarat. The State Government of Gujarat comprises the executive, judiciary and legislative bodies.

The capital city of Gujarat, Gandhinagar also houses Gujarat Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) and the secretariat. The High Court of Gujarat is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has the jurisdiction of the State laws. The Chief Justice of the Court is Justice Vikram Nath.

The current Legislative Assembly consists of 182 members. The term remains the same for five years.

The current Deputy Chief Minister is Nithinbhai Patel. The Governor of the State of Gujarat is Acharya Devvrat. The speaker of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly is Rajendra Trivedi.

Here, we are listing the most famous political leaders in the history of Gujarat. This list includes members of all political parties who are of both Local and National prominence.

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