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The Teachmint app is a free teacher training app where you can teach without infrastructure, bench, desk, hiring and you can teach a lot of kids. This is the best Indian app for teachers, teachers and training institutions.

What are the features of the Teachmint app?

Many features are provided in this app. In this you can share live classes online, chat, homework and notes. In this you can also take teacher tests online. 

And you can announce this in advance.

This free online training app can be used by teachers, home educators, training centers and other educational institutions to manage all their teaching and training classes in one place.

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This is why the app is so easy to use for teachers. In this app teachers can take live classes online anytime anywhere with a smartphone.

Teachmint is a learning app that combines live online student management and online testing.

It helps teachers and students to conduct classes safely in their homes and to teach students in nearby villages and towns.

So friends let us know now with this brief app.

With Teachmint you can run live classes. You can take notes, assignments and take children’s exams from time to time.

You can also talk to students.

Automatic arrival can also be taken etc.

Teachmint also helps you take online classes.

Apart from this, your teaching job also makes it easier.

Your software also does not require expensive setup and high installation costs.

With this app you can do anything and that on the cell phone itself.

It saves your money and time. Some of the benefits of this app are as follows.

It is very easy to set up in the Teachmint app. Teachers can connect students by sharing meeting ID and start a live online session in 2 minutes.

You can also share the meeting ID on WhatsApp, Facebook so that more students can join your class.

This is completely free to use app for students and teachers in India. We must promote India’s education and independence through #made in India.

This is a 100% secure application. By using this application, no data will be shared.

The Teachmint app does not show any type of ad for you to get the best learning experience.

This app also saves money and uses very little data but delivers high quality videos.

You can share notes online (PDF, name, prominence, YouTube video) and save money by offering online tests. It also saves you time.

In this app you can open many collections for kids.

and helps automatically send notifications and distance offers and take up class time.

Students can view all their assignments on the assignment page and automatically view all details such as notes, documents, photos and videos automatically.

Provides a two-way teacher’s platform to create doubts to cancel a student session.

At Teachmint, students can talk to teachers so that students can ask their doubts and teachers can remove doubts.

You can take online classes without having to worry about Teachmint for subjects like Mathematics, English, Economics, Economics and Science etc.

Teachmint is India’s first online learning and teaching app where you can supplement your income.

Teachmint helps connect students with courses not only in your city but also throughout India.

In conjunction with Teachmint you can manage multiple classes. You can also talk to students.

This is an Indian app that helps bring India’s dream of independence closer.

Make India proud by using Digital India’s Digital Coaching App.

So friends, start and grow your online teaching business with the Teachmint app today.

Teachmint app to download kaise kare?
To download the Teachmint app, you must first go to the play store and then type the Teachmint app in the search bar.

And click install, this way you can download the Teachmint app.

Teachmint ka istemaal kaise kare app?

After installing this app, you should click Open.

You must then enter your phone number and OTP and click on continue.

Now you will find two options on the screen whether you can join as a student or else you can join as a teacher.

You must select an option. If you join as a teacher and you will also get two options

1. As an independent teacher

2. As a member of the Institute

You must then enter your name and institution name to access the Teachmint dashboard where you can build a classroom and connect with students.

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