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Home Learning Study materials Video |Standard 01-12th | DD Girnar-Diksha Portal Video @ | the Year 2020-21

Home Learning Study materials Video |Standard 01-12th | DD Girnar-Diksha Portal Video @ | the Year 2020-21

DD Girnar New Home Learning Video

Education is a national goal. It is such a fermentative tool that the country's central and youth the future may be transformed. Nearly half of India's 1.2 billion population years and by 2026 it is likely that with an average age of 29 day Will be the youngest country of the world. To take advantage of this demographic, our friends The government led by the Prime Minister has promised that the quality of the people To face the changing challenges of education, innovation and research will be implemented such a national education policy which aims at providing equipping you with the necessary skills and knowledge and in the fields of science, technology, academic and Rate of shortage of people in the industry Therefore, the country has been established as a knowledge superpower. to do The Ministry of Human Resources undertook an unprecedented consultation process with effect from January 1, 2015.Start-up which is collaboration based, child-stakeholder, two-dimensional, bottom-up, people-It was an inclusive and participatory process. There have been several consultations in this -Online, with expert, themed and on-the-ground consultations including Village,Held from Block, Urban Local Body, District, State, Mandal to State level The massive action taken has provided an opportunity to every citizen to engage in this gigantic work.what Conducted many individual and in-depth consultations with a wide range of stakeholders gone. Thereafter we summed up the former cabinet secretary, late T.S.R. Constituted “Committee for Development of New Education Policy” in Akshata. this committee Based on its report submitted by the Ministry in May 2016 on the basis of which “New Education Prepared some suggestions for Policy (Draft) 2016”.Check out all the suggestions and dream up the education policy by December 2018 For Scientist P. Vibhushan, Dr. K. 'New Education Policy' under the leadership of Koorirangan I had the privilege of setting up the 'Committee to Prepare'. and tell me We are pleased that the Committee has recognized this challenging and difficult task and Referred to some of my own consultations as well. access to all, equity, quality, National Education Policy 2018 based on the basic values ​​like Affordability and Accountability I am proud to present my country in front of the cabs and youth. like this
Changes from the current ones to the new ones that have been recommended Recognizing that our students, teachers and educational institutions have the right qualifications and Equipping Capabilities and an Empowered and Renewing Education for a Lively India The system will be created. I am sure that this policy is expected in the coming years also. But it will come true. I urge each of us that the changes we made Let us all work together to implement what is said.

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