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22-04-2021 All educatiinal and other latest news

22-04-2021 All educatiinal and other latest news

Small but understandable thing - Vijaykumar p. Hingu was a forest. In it a deer and lightning fell on a forest tree. The big one was living in the forest with his little one. The baby still caught fire. The deer and her cub were very, very small.

They both wandered into the forest and panicked. Now he was going to the forest. The baby could not move around galloping around the deer. The river was flowing on the other side. The deer came to a field. Was. As the survivor was small, he also went towards it and lush grass grew in the field.

The deer could not graze. Moreover, they began to graze in such a difficult situation. A river was flowing from the side and a hunter came there. Deer and was. Seeing her cubs, a sudden storm blew into the arrow to kill them. Staring at the sky. The deer saw this. His lightning flashed with him. The thunder of the clouds also survived. Putting him down he seemed to be able to escape. Teva was not with a sensation. 

Yet he died there with the cubs in the other direction. He prepared to run the sharp arrow. But he accidentally missed the mark and hit a tiger coming from the opposite direction. The tiger also appeared to die while shooting arrows. Thus, crisis after crisis began to come. Surrendered. Forest fire from rain now, what does poor deer do? She got her own and also wet.

Thus, by the grace of God the death of the cub appeared near. But that courage overcame all adversity. The deer and her cub are not lost. Survived. The deer thought. ‘Whatever God wills, children, we too will have the courage to face adversity. He must have found life if he had assumed. ”Should be maintained.

Trust in God Thinking like this he should keep trusting in God. Should pray. After all, if you pray to God with a sincere heart, it is God's will. And then a real miracle happened. So friends, after doing something like this, it started raining heavily. Let us show one from the sky that the world wants to be like us. Heavy lightning struck the hunter. 

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