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The government has refused to give mass promotions in primary schools. Reports for mass promotions came in the media that primary schools in the state have not yet started physically amidst the Corona riots. However, the state government clarified that it had no plans to give mass promotions to students due to the epidemic. State Education Minister Chudasama said, "Examinations will be held before promoting students in the next academic class."
Policy Terms and Conditions 

We request you to carefully read and understand the Terms and Conditions, before you buy the Policy. All claims are processed strictly according to it. Please speak or chat with our Customer Support Team, if you need any clarification. 

Lifeline Health Insurance Plan Comparison 

These coverages are designed to enhance the level of protection offered in the basic cover. 

CompareClassicSupremeEliteSum Insured(SI) in Rs2, 3, 4 lakh5, 10, 15, 20, 50 lacs25, 30, 50, 100, 150 lacs 

Baseline Cover Benefits 

Other Benefits 

Domiciliary HospitalizationCovered upto SICovered upto SICovered upto SINo Claim Bonus10% of Base SI upto a max of 50% of SI20% of Base SI upto a max of 100% of SI20% of Base SI upto a max of 100% of SIRe-load of Sum InsuredUpto Base SIUpto Base SIUpto Base SIAyush TreatmentGovernment Hospitals - Covered upto SI; Other Hospitals - Covered upto Rs.20,000Government Hospitals - Covered upto SI; Other Hospitals - Covered upto Rs.30,000Government Hospitals - Covered upto SI; Other Hospitals - Covered upto Rs.50,000Vaccination in case of Animal BiteUpto Rs.2,500Upto Rs.5,000Upto Rs.7,500Emergency Domestic Evacuation (Bed to Bed on advise of treating doctor)Not CoveredCovered upto Rs.1lacCovered upto Rs.3lacsWorldwide Emergency Hospitalization-Excluding US and CanadaNot CoveredNot Covered50% of Base SI upto max of Rs.20lacs; Deductible of $1,000 per hospitalizationInternational Treatment abroad for specified 11 critical illnesses Excluding US and CanadaNot CoveredNot CoveredCovered upto SI Return Airfare covered upto Rs.3 lac 

Health & Wellness Benefits 

Maternity Benefits 

Optional Benefits 


Lifeline comes with very useful features to cater to the different needs of our customers. Please find below the different features and benefits available under the Classic, Supreme and Elite plans. 

Lifeline Classic 

Lifeline Supreme/Supreme Plus 

Lifeline Elite / Elite Plus 


Not Covered 

If you are looking for a Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan for you and your family at an affordable price, then Lifeline Classic is the most suitable plan for you. 

Any individual above 18 years of age can purchase Lifeline. Lifeline is offered as an Individual plan and as a Family Floater plan for self, spouse and children. 

Cover Options: 

Lifeline Classic caters to the health insurance needs of people looking for an affordable health insurance plan. This plan comes with sum insured options of Rs. 2 lacs, Rs. 3 lacs, and Rs. 4 lacs. 

Key Benefits: 

Lifeline Classic offers an array of benefits along with significant health cover for certain illnesses, medical conditions, and critical health situations. 

Here are the list of key benefits covered and exclusions voided in the Lifeline Classic plan. 

Lifeline Classic comes with the below key benefits: 

Inpatient Hospitalization expenses 

Pre and Post-hospitalization expenses amortized up to the amount of sum insured for 30 days and 60 days respectively 

Coverage of all day care procedures up to the sum insured amount. 

Ambulance cover up to Rs.3,000. 

Expenses for Treatment of Organ Donor covered up to the sum insured. 

Domiciliary hospitalization charges covered up to the sum insured. 

No-claim bonus (NCB) starts from 10% of the sum insured and extends up to 50%. NCB is not reduced, even when a claim is filed during a particular year. 

100% Reload of sum insured during the treatment of different illnesses in the event of complete exhaustion of sum insured and NCB. 

AYUSH Treatment - Inpatient hospitalization cover up to Sum Insured in Government Hospitals and up to Rs.20,000 in other hospitals. 

Covers Vaccination in case of animal bite up to Rs.2,500. 

Provision of complete health check-up available once every 3rd policy year. 

Preventive Healthcare and Wellness.
Welcome to Lifeline – Individual & Family Floater Plans 

Protection Plans that Works best for you and your family 

Lifeline Insurance 

What type of cover do you want?Required 
  • -- Select -- Family Floater Individual 
  • First Name of ProposerRequired 
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  • Mobile NumberRequired 
  • Is your present policy from Royal Sundaram ? 
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Individual Health Insurance and Family Floater Plan | Royal Sundaram 

About Lifeline – Individual and Family Health Insurance Plan 

Lifeline is a holistic indemnity plan from Royal Sundaram that covers the health insurance needs of you and your family. 

Any individual above 18 years of age can purchase Lifeline. Lifeline is offered as an Individual plan and as a Family Floater plan for yourself, your spouse and children. 

Who Can Be Covered ? 

Any person who is more than 18 years of age can be the proposer of the plan. 

Policy will cover the applicant, spouse and up to four dependent children aged between 91 days and 25 years. 

There is no restriction on maximum entry age.


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