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To advance the contribution of science and technology in development. To acquaint the students with the facilities provided by science and technology in the fields of food, hygiene and nutrition, agriculture, various sources of energy, utility and maintenance of drinking water

correspondence and transportation and industries. To know how life and society are affected and how low cost technology has tried to give the necessities of life at a lower price in giving half and convenience to the life of the common man. 

(1) Science and technology have created the conditions to meet the challenges of life and to provide an opportunity to know the different types of tools, equipment and technology used to make the life of society and individual better and to make these tools at low cost without affecting their efficiency. To learn.

It is desirable that students and children try to transform the ideas and concepts of science and technology as well as understand the need for development of indigenous technology through efficient replication and demonstrate research tactics where there is doubt using charts, information and flowcharts. It is hoped that its importance will be to demonstrate the contribution of science and technology to meet the challenges of life in the future, rather than to develop efficient replicas and inventive tactics. 

In recent times, commuter and electronic information has spread all over the world, which has become very helpful in overcoming the challenge of life due to its isolated location. Information related to the field of human interest has been collected and put on the internet by individuals as well as organizations to collect the latest developments in science and technology. So that the challenge of life can be overcome. 



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