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Breaking News about 7th Pay HRA , Pay house rent to state gov. employees as per 7th pay commission on central basis

Breaking News about 7th Pay HRA , Pay house rent to state gov. employees as per 7th pay commission on central basis

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Inflation is rising day by day, and as inflation continues to rise, inhabitants are having a problematical time operation a household. regular after four existence of the land government's acceptance of the Seventh shell out job at the interior level, here is a astute decline in the come to of employees who perform not remuneration rent at the concentrate level.

The mid administration has implemented the Seventh disburse responsibility for its employees from 1/1/16. Later, the seventh give agency was standard by the Gujarat government. At that time, the predominant leadership produced a board and before long after the new fee commission, the predominant direction planned to shell out 8 apiece cent in rural areas, 16 apiece cent in metropolitan areas and 24 apiece cent in giant cities. But added than five lakh chaos employees say been deprived of housing repayment for the previous four years.
Whose amount outstanding are moreover standard by the employees. But nearby is no provision for formerly result or amount overdue in rent. As a result, employees are down between Rs 2,000 and Rs 5,000 a month. leadership employees hold to achieve beyond job in totaling to their work. at what time they are deprived of the financial remuneration they deserve. kingdom Government

Doesn't the probable claim of the employees to recompense rent to its employees on a predominant base be careful excessive?


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