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which medium is best for students? Gujarati or English

which medium is best for students? Gujarati or English
which medium is best for students? Gujarati or English…. : There is such an education resource center in Baratori of Bilha Block, where not only children are being taught in a unique way through sports and poetry, but teachers are also being trained to teach. The objective is only that children should take interest in studies, they do not find the course cumbersome.

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The RTE (Right to Education) Act has come into force in the state since 2010. Under this, children from 6 to 14 years have to provide education for free. UNICEF has also made a separate plan for mental development of children of this age. Under this, Education Resource Center has been established on 11 March 2016 in Baratori of Bilha Block. The center has over 500 such books apart from the curriculum, which include stories of grandparents, childhood stories, cleanliness, how to deal with elders and little ones, etc. The main objective of the establishment of the center is to improve the quality of education of children studying in government schools. Children are brought to this center for one and a half hours as soon as the government school is over. Here master trainers teach children in sports and games. For example, the children of Pratham are taught A, A, I, E… through a poem, and the children of fifth are given tips to solve mathematics questions through sports.

Teachers are also being taught how to teach
After the leave, teachers of nearby schools are also given training here in how to teach children that they do not find the syllabus burdensome. Teachers of different subjects are seated in different groups and suggestions are made in relation to teaching the subject related to them easily. Then the teachers are trained on the basis of their suggestion and the UNICEF guide line.. 

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