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Unit Test Standard 12th 2 subject in October 2020

1. Introduction Tolstoy was asked where he got all the sacraments of life. He replied, "My school is my temple. I have a monastery, where I was revived through the teaching of courses in different subjects and freed from the temptations and confusions of life. How effective are the curricula of educational institutions, even personally. His statue illustrates this example. The report written by the Radhakrishna Committee notes the course. Curriculum is the most important means of social liberation. In which the similarities between citizens in a democracy can be cultivated, maintained and preserved. The Gujarat government has approved the National Education Policy by preparing new courses. Textbooks have been gradually changing accordingly to lower standards. Under which they have come from June 2011-12. Under which a new textbook of the subject has been introduced. That's why the sponsor has conducted this research to find out what the quality of this new textbook really is. 2. A proper understanding of the research can be gained from the study of the research done before the review of the relevant literature. Some important research related literature is as follows. (1) Patel B.S. Research Summary, Research Center, College Campus, Modasa. (2) Patel R.S. M.A. Short research essay summary. Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. (3) Shah Deepika, Collection of Academic Research Abstracts. The following researches were studied from the above context of Shikshan Shastra Bhavan Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.

5. Definition of Terminology The problem of researching the interpretation of certain words in any research becomes quite clear. By interpreting such words, it is clear that their research is sufficient. 1. The existing textbook of Gujarati subject was approved by the Gujarat Educational Research and Training Examiner and was accepted as a Gujarati medium textbook of eighth standard Gujarati subject published by Gujarat State School Textbook Board Gandhinagar. Textbook Evaluation The five sections of the existing textbook of Gujarati subject in standard VIII were determined and after getting the feedback of the teachers teaching Gujarati subject in standard VIII on the basis of which the quality of the textbook was determined and it was accepted as evaluation. 2. 3. Standard Eight In the present research, standard eight is upper primary education which provides education from standard five to eight. 6. Study Objectives To formulate textbook evaluation criteria to evaluate the existing textbook of Gujarati subject of 8th standard. (2) To know the responses of teachers regarding physical matters in Gujarati subject textbook. To know the responses of teachers regarding the subject matter in the Gujarati textbook. (4) To know the responses of the teachers regarding the presentation of the subject matter in the Gujarati subject textbook. (5) To know the response of teachers regarding drawing of pictures in Gujarati subject textbook.

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