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This announcement has been made by the SBI… If the bank holder ignores it then it will become poor. The account will be empty.

This announcement has been made by the SBI… If the bank holder ignores it then it will become poor. The account will be empty.

This announcement has been made by the SBI… If the bank holder ignores it then it will become poor. The account will be empty.
Friends nowadays we see that cybercrime is on the rise. So at that time, there are many crimes being committed that do not even involve criminals. So today we are going to talk about a subject that is very important to know about. Because you can become a victim of this too. So let's know what is a. Which everyone should know.

Banks are starting to fade a lot these days. It does not have the hands of any bank but the hands of cybercrime criminals. Some of us take money out of our accounts and we are not even aware of it.

So Friends State Bank of India is considered as the largest bank in India. Which is also included in some of the world's largest banks. So a notification has been issued by the SBI. Which every bank holder should keep in mind. So let's know what a notification is.

It was tweeted by the SBI that any bank holder ie anyone who has an account in the bank should refrain from WhatsApp and social media related messages. And don't pick up even if a random call from a bank comes up. Do not take any information related to your bank account or ATM.

According to the SBI, the incoming messages and calls on the mobile are in the process of being fraudulent. Whereby it collects your banking information and withdraws money from your account. That is why the bank should never respond to any call or message. No one should ever give up their OTP.

State Bank does not provide or share any OTP in response to the messages received by WhatsApp. This can lead to you being cheated.

First, it gives each customer of the bank information related to OTP and then, after winning his trust, he asks OTP to share it with him. Often in WhatsApp, a link is sent by the people in Fraud and if we click on that link, the unnecessary and risky application is downloaded immediately. With that application the hacker can detect and steal all OTP coming into our mobile.

It immediately withdraws money from our bank account through OTP. As a result, we do not even know. Even if we complain to the bank, there is no answer to that. Because it has our own name spoken in the record.

The SBI guarantees that no bank employee is ever allowed to call any account holder. If done, it constitutes a crime. If the SBI has any business functioning, it should be possible to get a physical bank visit. If anyone ever says that a bank employee is on the phone, the phone should be cut off. And the special thing is to pick up a phone and not give any information to the phone.

The customer of the bank should never share the card number or account number or other bank credentials with any other person. Under no circumstances should this mistake ever be made.

The SBI has said that if anyone with you seems to be cheating on the bank, you should call her on 1800-11-1109 immediately. The Bank has made it clear that no information related to the Bank should be provided in any message or call. If you give and you will be cheated, then he will not be a responsible bank. Holders of the bank should take special note of this.

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