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Education is the most important thing in the life of every human being and their career is also based on education. The future of every human being becomes bright only through education. But if a person is not able to continue their education for some reason, online education is a great option for them. As part of this digital education system, he can study from his home. In today’s article, we will tell you what online education is called and what are the pros and cons of online education.

Along with this, we will also tell you what are the challenges of online education. Therefore, if you want to study online, today’s article will be of great benefit to you, so read this article to the end.

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what is online education
Online education is a medium of learning in which students study at home using their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone via the Internet. Thanks to this educational system, you can stay in any corner of the world and connect with your teacher. Likewise, teachers can also teach their students from any country or location. As we all know, today’s era is a digital age in which teachers teach their students using devices like computers and laptops.

For your information, let us also tell you that the importance of online education increases dramatically when schools, colleges and educational institutions are closed due to disaster. In such a situation, the education of the students can be continued with the help of an online medium.

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how to do online education
In order for any teacher to train online, they must have a full qualification and diploma. Teaching children is a very important task, so if you want to establish yourself as an online teacher then you need to have the ability to teach children.

To teach online, teachers speak with students like a video chat and can also share any written work. Sharing written work means that whatever the teacher writes through the interactive live display will be visible to the students, just as if the students write something, it will be visible to the teacher. Here are some of the essential essential information that is mandatory for online learning-

The teacher must have a computer or laptop. If you don’t have a laptop or computer, then it is mandatory to have a smartphone.
Without an internet connection, you cannot study online, so your internet connection must be high-speed so that you can teach without any interruptions.
The teacher should have a writing tree and a digital pen with which to write on the live screen.
The teacher should have good knowledge and experience on the subject that the teacher wants to teach.
What is the need for online education
At present, the importance of online education has increased a lot because this way of getting education is quite simple and easy. Here are the requirements for online learning-

If we are talking about our country then the population is increasing rapidly due to which not all children get enough education because schools, colleges are not available in our country in which everyone can study. In such situation, if we turn to the option of online education, the pressure on schools will also be reduced and parents will also be taxed, because thus the chaos of admission to any school will take end. ??
At present, all schools, colleges and educational institutions are closed due to the Corona outbreak around the world, due to which the education of students has been greatly affected, but at that time , children’s education through online education continued. without interruption, which is the education of students. was extremely essential.
The need for online education is also due to the fact that most people do not have enough money to pay for tuition or high tuition fees, which forces them to quit their studies in the middle, but online education is the only way for everyone to get an education. . give it a chance.
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What are the challenges of online education
The trend of online education is increasing rapidly to get an education, but there are many challenges on the way to this education like-

The biggest challenge of the online education system is poor internet connection and apart from using old computers. Because of this too, there is a big challenge in the way of online education because because of old computer and bad internet connection, education cannot be done properly.
It is very difficult for students to do lab work or practical work in the online education system.
For those who live in villages, there is no proper provision of electricity, neglecting towns and therefore people living in the village cannot study through online education.

Every student does not have a laptop, computer and phone, so if he wants to study through online education, it can become a problem for him.

There are many topics that students need hands-on learning about, but in the online education system, it is very difficult to teach such topics, due to which students are practical.

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