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LTC Raja Pravas Rahat Yojana All Mahiti

LTC Raja Pravas Rahat Yojana All Mahiti 

Chances are you'll live well into your 80s, your 90s and possibly even longer.

When you live a long life, the likelihood you'll need long-term health care is greatly increased. Younger people also need long term care as a result of accidents or illnesses.

Long-term health care is generally not covered by medical insurance, by Medicare supplement plans or group / employer insurance. For seniors on Medicare, the long-term care benefits are quite limited.

That is why over 10 million Americans have purchased long-term care insurance. The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance was established in 1998 to educate individuals and to support insurance and financial professionals who market this protection.

Our Long-Term Care Insurance Consumer Information Center is the nation's most comprehensive resource. Find the most current information including long term care insurance costs, ways to save, tax deductibility rules and long term insurance companies and their ratings.

Request a free, no-obligation cost comparison from an Association member today.
Costs for long term care insurance can vary significantly from one long term insurance company to another. In fact, our yearly Long Term Care Insurance Price Indexes have found that rates for virtually identical coverage could vary by over 110 percent.
It pays to compare - the yearly savings can be substantial.

While a long-term care insurance policy is the primary vehicle for financing your care, it is not necessarily the ideal solution for everyone. Specifically, individuals or families with with limited assets, or with serious medical issues. In these cases, there are several alternative options. Below are a few of these options. The focus of a consultation would be to assess your unique situation to see which option best 

Single Premium Immediate Annuities take your medical situation into consideration and may provide a higher return or a lower single premium than standard annuities. An excellent vehicle to obtain additional income for anyone with a medical condition. This option is especially appealing for persons who are not eligible for Long Term Care insurance.

Leave Travel Concession (LTC) is granted to Central Government employees for travel to various parts of the country and home as well. The number of home travel visits allowed are two. This is made available every four years. One of the hometown visits can be substituted with an “All India visit”, if needed.

Well LTC stands for Leave Travel Concession. LTC is a kind of government's service for the government officials. In the broadest way possible, it allows the official to once go to his hometown and once go for a trip to any place in India with his family using Transportation funded by the government.

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