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The plans involve the school family. Their equal share is seen in every stage of school development. Construction of classrooms and other physical facilities: Raya village has a population of about 3000 and in view of the lack of a large school in the surrounding villages, efforts have been made to increase the physical facilities of the school to meet the educational needs. 

Till 1985, the school had 'four' classrooms, increased to eleven ', for a separate office room and an additional outfit to prevent the children from interfering with the work of the classroom as the pay center is frequented by teachers and parents. Store rooms are also created. Two rooms have been sanctioned this year. 

The school had a fence of thorns, so the compound wall around the school has been built from the Jawahar Vikas Yojana to prevent the school from being damaged from time to time and a large iron gate through the entrance has been donated. The school grounds are lined with trees and a stage is set up for prayers and cultural activities in the grounds. There was a shortage of drinking water before Mr. Gurjar's service. 

So they have received a donation from one person to build a five thousand liter capacity tank in the school and a 12 tap stand for the children to drink water. Which has twenty-four hour water facility. This has solved the problem of drinking water and also made water available for the school garden. Arrangements have also been made for water disposal. In every classroom at school the clock, the school bell, the weight fork, the first aid kit, are obtained and used with folk collaboration. 

The school has received donations for cleaning and gardening equipment, seat belts for the children as well as a large chess set. The school staff has donated 10 chairs, four tables and a large iron table, a wooden cupboard for keeping science equipment and a large wooden cupboard for carrying office supplies as well as a large wooden cupboard for the library. The school has received the required furniture through the efforts of Mr. Gurjar. 

Light fittings have been installed in every classroom of the school. And fans in every classroom and office room are donated by donors. Overall, the school has been able to get public contributions to meet the material needs. So that the school can become the center of society. Due to the efforts of Mr. Gurjar, physical, educational materials and furniture have been provided in the school.


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