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26th January Celcbration guideline Declared

26 january 2021 ujavani 

There are so many types it's hard to say. Done. From his presence, I had a lot of fun teaching when the ocean of consciousness was in the Parvati class at school. Come, he gives answers to the questions. I told Bhanubhai that Parvati does not come to school. He laughs. Other children learn from me and from him. 

Bhanubhai Ghadeek is looking in front of me, saying know, true, when Parvati is in the class, there is discipline in my class: one of the questions of education, which I enjoy coming and learning from time to time, is solved automatically. Do you want to grab the right of the baby? The name will be a great sorrow for Padya Parvati, if she comes to study, there will be an opportunity to come to school. 

If you delete the name, it will cause a lot of trouble. Sometimes come alternately, sometimes almost come to school how? I did not hear their silence for fifteen days in a row. Screams sounded, the absence of such a clever girl made me cringe. Also, if the question with the eyes that know something is going to remain raw in the things taught in the intervening days, he said: “Sister, don't worry about the education supervisor.

I am also worried that it will not happen to everyone after them. So I will explain. You worry Parvati. That school is another concern. Think of something that comes up regularly then. There was no such thing as a loose system. Inspector Saheb, on a visit to the school, I was suddenly worried about Parvati every day, dripping down such a brilliant girl and first of all I came to the class and taught the children by heart. He loved stories. Checking his order register. Asking. 

I would also tell stories as reprimands if the wrong attendance was met. Also taking me to play in the field. Of the nursery rhymes I made (which I still have), two or three other girls like Parvati in my class were also constantly singing songs. I did a lot with Parvati at the center. That I was often absent, that is, in addition to teaching, I worked hard to keep the flame of knowledge of a bright girl from the backward class always on high alert to maintain the presence of my class, so I had to stay. 

26 january 2021 ujavani 

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