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Technology knowledge - know everything about technology

Technology knowledge - know everything about technology

New startups, gadgets, reviews, mobile phones, innovations and more are delivered in an advanced and intuitive user interface, and overload without any knowledge!

Applications that provide access to people around the world to bring current technologies in the fields of computer science, electronics communications, mechanical and civil engineering.
know everything about technology

It not only uses to bring current technologies, but can also receive technology news from day to day to stay connected with it.

All Relevant Sources - We have the world's best distribution of tech news from the biggest and hottest news sources to the smallest to major news sources, we bring you a complete and total coverage of tech news from around the web! (Seriously, it's all there - TechCrunch, The Verge, The Next Web, ReadWrite, Engadget and many more).

- Full coverage: If a certain story was published in more than one source, hit the 'More coverage' button and look at the various sources covering it.

- an awesome widget!

- Push notifications for leading stories (optional) - In this day and age, who has time to stay up to speed? We will send you push notifications when very exciting things are going on!

- A prioritized news feed - We have excluded news for you to see the most important news for you using a smart algorithm. Using various variables such as social media buzz, source reputation, media coverage and more, we know which stories "should know" and put them on top of you!

- Your own news feed - Choose from thousands of topics including Android devices, manufacturers (Samsung, LG, HTC and more), tech companies and startups (including Apple, Google, Microsoft ..), gadgets and future technology

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