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Government Secondary School Increase approved class Circular Commissioner Office of Schools

Government Secondary School Increase approved class Circular Commissioner Office of Schools 

Government Secondary School

Increase approved class

Circular Commissioner Office of Schools 

Sun in the main schools. Subject to the following conditions given in the resolution in view of the administrative approval received from the resolution dated 11/06/2050 received from the education department as per the following proposals received from the District Education Officer for the serial / additional classes of Std-9 and Std-10 in the financial year 2060-21. It is allowed to start new / incremental class increments from June 2020 according to the order and class shown in the government secondary schools as per the area.

R Terms 1. 1. Whether the class of the above schools which has been sanctioned by this order has been graded / new as per the previous classes of the school? It will be the responsibility of the District Education Officer to carry out a thorough investigation in this regard. 2. Adequate budgetary provision has to be made for the present work subject to the existing rules in the current and next financial year. 3 3 Expenditure in this regard shall be made in the prescribed manner in accordance with the provisions of the permanent as well as from time to time applicable resolutions / circulars and rules of the State Government. The principle of financial fairness must be applied to the costs incurred in approving this. 5. Grant may not be used for any other purpose under this approval. The remaining amount will have to be surrendered by the end of the year. 6. The conditions prescribed under the scheme shall be strictly adhered to. 7. Class-III vacancies as per the provisions of the recruitment rules, if they are due for promotion, and if they are directly due at the time of recruitment. 18/02/200 s and the fixed salary policy implemented by the resolution of the General Administration Department dated 08/06/2008 and the provisions made in it from time to time have to be paid. 8. Those pay standards r. O. P. - It will be the responsibility of the District Education Officer to make sure that it is as per 2012. 9. Candidate appointed through direct recruitment after receiving regular appointment as per the provision of Resolution No. 17/09/2008 of the Finance Department or NAPAN / 2008 / GOI / 10 (Pa. Fa.) By the State Government on 01/06/2009. To be covered under the newly augmented Penan scheme introduced from. 10. The District Education Officer should ensure that the standard of reservation is maintained as per the rules while filling these posts. If there is a backlog space when filling these vacancies, it should be given priority. 11. For the knowledge of this commuter, as per the prevailing recruitment rules, the candidate should have passed the prescribed commuter examination. 12. Strict implementation of the workload prescribed by the State Government from time to time. 13. If the newly sanctioned vacancies are allowed to continue till the end of the financial year, then the vacancies have to be continued from time to time. Approval must be obtained. 14. The conditions approved by the Finance Department cannot be changed under any circumstances without the prior approval of the Finance Department, otherwise the responsibility lies with the office of the District Education Officer.

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