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In-depth indication of innovation of content and processes. Effective and Program Teacher - Urgent radical improvement and innovation in its curriculum and related aspects is essential to continue the course of training. 

Not only that, but now the concept of effective teacher-training for primary as well as secondary education will have to be done with a more comprehensive ‘model’ covering a number of interrelated components. These components are as follows: Pre-service and Elementary Teacher-Training. .

Recurring Teacher in Service - Training to teachers engaged in teaching work, seminars, workshops and editions from time to time when new professional needs arise. Organizing the program on a recurring basis as well as in a planned manner. 3. This teaching of uninterrupted professional self-education. Teachers have to acquire books, magazines, audio-visual aids and other local, national and international resources for their professional advancement, self-effort and lifelong learning according to their personal needs, aptitudes and specific professional responsibilities.

Training school principals and other educators for their dedicated teaching work - when promoted to the positions of principal, supervisor, coordinator, etc., or when new appointments are made. - Organized recurrent training to enhance the skills related to teaching work. - Professional Updating as per the changes taking place in the field of education as well as self-directed efforts to keep on increasing it. To keep receiving international experiences and to be constantly aware of those experiences. To enable teachers to provide higher vocational education - planning and provision for talented, teachers, headmasters and other educators to enhance their basic professional qualifications so that they can pursue postgraduate or doctoral degrees. - Create curriculum, write textbooks and prepare other materials related to teacher training. Evaluation and monitoring, monitoring as well as management. To plan and provide for the training of high level experts in various fields like research and statistics etc. 

Planning and provision to prepare creative teachers - educators and ‘resource persons’ for effective pre-service and in-service training at primary and secondary levels. Planning and provision for enhancing international contacts. Teacher - Provide opportunities for trainers to develop their skills - Periodically hone the skills of teachers through seminars, workshops, discussions on paper reading. - Education and teacher - Facilities for research and creative thinking on various aspects of training. Facilities for publishing various materials and ideologies for school education as well as teacher training. Promoting exposure to international trends. 

- All these components should be included in a comprehensive as well as multiple way in any standard program for teacher-training. The first three components are directly focused on teacher training. The other three components are equally useful and essential for improving the quality of teacher-training in various ways. However, pre-service teacher-training provides a solid basis for each of these components. Of course, there is an urgent need for improvement and renewal of teacher training courses.

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