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Unit Test English Medium Unit Test question paper standard 7

Unit Test English Medium Unit Test question paper standard 7

unit test question paper english subject STD 7
unit test question paper maths subject STD 7
If you're an ICSE student,

20 marks are going to be allotted for your project(1 project for every subject).The topics and directions of every project are going to be given to you by your respective teachers well in advance(6 months before your boards in approx).All you would like to try to to is to finish your project, on the subject ,according to the instructions, before the assigned deadline.


Help us to understand what proportion are we prepared for our final boards.
Identify our strengths and weaknesses and help us to figure on them.

For this unit test, students of government schools have been given question papers and transcripts at home through teachers while soft copies have been given to students of private schools. During the two days of 29th July and 30th July, the students will write the answers of this test sitting at home and then the transcripts will be collected from the students after 1st August. Five marks of five marks in one subject are given. Now the students are relieved that the state government has allowed them to take the exam till August 10


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